Vintage Double Red Sea-Dweller 1665

Rolex Sea Dweller Comments Off on Vintage Double Red Sea-Dweller 1665

The SeaDweller was born in the 1960s out of the collaboration with COMEX a French deep sea diving company, and the NASA of the deep seas. The new model was called reference 1665 and based out of the existing Submariner model. This was evident since a submariner thin case was used for the early Seadwellers and a Helium Escape Valce (HEV) was added to be able to withstand much larger depth ratings.

Initial models were issued to deep sea explorers of the 1960s in various configurations but in the late 1960 and early 1970s the model made it to the Rolex retail stores. The new sea dweller was based out of a larger case, new domed crystal, HEV and new dial with two lines of red writing on the dial. SUBMARINER, SEADWELLER 2000, indicating the new watch was based out of the existing submariner but instead of 660ft of depth, the new watch was rated to over 2000 feet. They usual date cyclop was also gone with the domed crystal and a case back engraving was also new to this model.

The vintage Double Red Sea-Dweller is a replica of 1665, why it is called double red? The dial tells. At 6 o’clock on top of these white printings, there are two lines of red words, “SEA-DWELLER” and “SUBMARINER 2000”, this is the original of its name. There are also other dial details that tell this Sea-Dweller from others, that is its hour markers are unique, they are oval-shaped, expect a triangle at 12 and other two bar shapes at 6 and 9. All hour markers are a little yellow not white. Minute scales are thin sticks in white. There is a date window positioned at 3, black date font in white background. “SWISS – T < 25” at 6 instead of “SWISS MADE”.

Black bezel is bi-directional rotating like genuine. The case back has special engravings curved, including Rolex Lgo, and words of “ROLEX”, “ROLEX PATENT . GAS ESCAPE VALVE . OYSTER”. The case back is also screwed down like modern Sea-Dweller, you can see there are some digital numbers engraved on the back side of the bracelet, I do not know what meaning. The replica 1665 is equipped with an Asian clone ETA 2846 movement, it has 17 jewels and beats at 21600 times per hour, I have done a movement test, like the picture said, only 7 seconds inaccuracy each day.


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